Breastfeeding – Let your childcare centre support you

The Australian Federal Law states that breastfeeding is a right, not a privilege and under the federal Sex Discrimination Act 1984 ‘it is illegal to discriminate against a person either directly or indirectly on the grounds of breastfeeding’. This law also covers the act of expressing milk for your baby.

So, we know we have rights, but that doesn’t always make breastfeeding mothers feel any less self-conscious about feeding their baby in a public place. Sadly there are still closed minded individuals and people with outdated principles that have very little place in a modern and progressive society. It is very easy to say that mothers should just ignore any negative comments or disapproving looks, but such incidents can really tarnish what should be a natural and relaxing moment.

If you are experiencing any problems related to breastfeeding, call the National Breastfeeding Helpline: 1800 mum 2 mum (1800 686 268)

Breastfeeding rates have been low in many areas, as NSW population surveys continue to show that breastfeeding rates are below those recommended by the NHMRC. With this in mind there are many new initiatives and support networks to encourage mothers to feel confident and respected, wherever they choose to feed their hungry little one.

All reputable early learning centres will be sure to offer maximum support to mums who are breastfeeding a child under the care of their centre. Services such as the Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning Centres in NSW are happy for feeds to be included as an important part of the daily schedule for babies in their care, and feeding on the breast or expressing for later is positively embraced.


Many of the Cherry Bridge Station Centres have dedicated baby rooms with comfortable seating and the specialised catering areas are ideal for efficiency when labelling and storing expressed feeds. The specially trained staff and educators here can offer advice and guidance, always ensuring that your baby’s feeding schedule is adhered to as closely as possible.

“The babies in our youngest rooms ‘The Snuggly Steamers’ are aged from 6 weeks to 24 months. There are lots of individual routines for feeding, sleeping and playing. We ask parents to write their routines in the daily book provided and at the end of the day they can read about their baby’s eating, sleeping and playing for the day.”

So if you would like the best possible day care for your baby, with the unrivalled support of modern state-of-the-art services, take a look at the Cherry Bridge Station site and enrol your little one, and if you’re still breastfeeding… don’t let that stop you!