The Early Years Learning Framework

Belonging, Being and Becoming – The Early Years Learning Framework is the Australian Government guide outlining the principles, practices and outcomes that support and enhance young children’s learning from birth to five years of age, as well as their transition to school.

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) has been specifically developed to assist educators in providing young children with opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in learning. The EYLF’s founding mission is to contribute to realising the Council’s vision that:

“All children have the best start in life to create a better future for themselves and for the nation.”

And for all young Australians to become:

  • Successful learners
  • Confident and creative individuals
  • Active and informed citizens.

The Framework particularly supports fun, play-based learning and recognises the importance of early communication, language skills, and social and emotional development. The Framework has been designed for early learning and childcare centres, working in close partnership with parents and families, and recognises the influential role that they can all play in the lives of little learners.

The EYLF recognises that children learn naturally and more easily through play. So based on this principal state-of-the-art childcare centres such as the Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning Centres in NSW actively encourage curiosity and creative thinking with time to reflect and explore.

The EYLF describes early childhood as a time of belonging, being and becoming:

Belonging is the basis for living a fulfilling life. Children feel they belong because of the relationships they have with their family, community, culture and place.

Being is about living here and now. Childhood is a special time in life and children need time to just ‘be’—time to play, try new things and have fun.

Becoming is about the learning and development that young children experience. Children start to form their sense of identity from an early age, which shapes the type of adult they will become.

With all of these factors in mind early learning centres like Cherry Bridge Station take great care to recognise and embrace the entire community within their reach, celebrating each child’s cultural, linguistic and family values. They ensure that there are always endless resources on offer to allow children to learn while they play and every individual is allowed to flourish and start to become the very best version of who they are meant to be.

As Australia’s number one childcare provider Cherry Bridge Station is pioneering how early childcare is being facilitated.

“As Australia’s number one childcare provider, we are equipped to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s families. Cherry Bridge Station is for children aged six weeks to five years and boasts the very best educators and resources. We strive to establish a homely environment in our centres, whilst successfully implementing the EYLF’s National Quality Framework to set the highest standards.”