Cherry Bridge Station and the National Quality Standards

The National Quality Standard (NQS) is a major part of the National Quality Framework and sets a high, national benchmark for early childhood education and care services in Australia. The NQS allows families and child services to understand the quality of care expected, and helps parents to choose the right service or centre for their child’s needs.


There 7 key quality areas the NQS focuses on with regard to outcomes for early education, their elements are summarised below:

  • Educational program and practice
    The approved learning framework aids the development of a curriculum to enhance the learning experience of every child. Educators can then focus on the successful delivery of the programs that have been developed.
  • Children’s health and safety
    The health of all children is monitored and promoted though healthy eating and physical activity. Children are safeguarded and protected by the service and wider community.
  • Physical environment
    The location and premises must be appropriate for the operation of a childcare service and the environment should be inclusive, allowing children to explore and learn through play. The service must also be environmentally aware.
  • Staffing arrangements
    These must be focused around enhancing children’s learning and development and ensuring their safety and wellbeing. All educators, co-ordinators and staff members should be professional, respectful and ethical.
  • Relationships with children
    Fair and positive relationships should be fostered with each child and all children should be encouraged to build and maintain compassionate relationships with others.
  • Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
    Services should work closely with families and they should feel supported in their values and beliefs as parents. Various service providers must collaborate when needed to enhance children’s learning and wellbeing.
  • Leadership and service management
    Effective leadership promotes good organisation and builds an efficient learning community. There is a commitment to continuous improvement and the administrative systems must enable management of a high quality service.

All services are rated on these 7 quality areas and the full guidelines go into great detail about what is expected of service providers in order to support their children and their families.

Trusted early learning and childcare centres, such as the Cherry Bridge Station Centres in NSW, are very proud to practice and reinforce all of the standards laid out in the NQS and Early Years Learning Framework. Together with their families and surrounding communities Cherry Bridge Station are making a positive impact on the quality of education throughout Australia, and with their recent expansion, worldwide!