Behavioural Tips & Tricks for Young Children

At Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning & Childcare we believe that every child can be considerate and well-behaved when given the correct support and guidance.
Positive praise and constructive confidence building can go a long way to ensuring that your child feels trusted and respected. In addition, giving praise and attention for good behaviour, rather than only noticing bad behaviour, will instil good conduct in the most positive and effective way possible.

Our Top 5 Tips & Tricks

1. Use descriptive praise
When your little one does something good, or in the way that you asked, be sure to give positive feedback straight away. Be specific about what they have achieved and why… “Well done, you tidied your toys. I like it when it’s all tidy!” Try to keep negative comments to a minimum because many children will still choose negative attention over no attention at all.

2. Be a good role model
It may go without saying, but your child is like a sponge for absorbing behaviours in their preschool years, much of which is learned by example. A child’s main caregivers will be the basis for how they act, speak and treat others. If you want to raise a polite, well-behaved child, try to be sure that they are surrounded by a likeminded household and general environment.

3. Listen
It is unpleasant being ignored at any age, but when a young child is still learning the basic skills and boundaries of life, and looking to their loved ones for reassurance and respect, it is paramount that they feel listened to, understood and supported. Nod, ask questions and respond. What may seem trivial to a busy adult can be of utmost importance to a rapidly developing youngster.

4. Share your emotions
It is important for your child to know that you care about their feelings, but it is equally important for young children to learn how their actions affect others, or the emotions that others may be feeling. Being simple and honest about your feelings will allow your child to empathise and connect.
“I am very worried because we are running late. Please can you help me by getting ready now?”

5. Keep your promises
When you make a promise to a young child it is important to keep your word. It may be a promise to do something nice, where keeping to your word will prove that you will never unavoidably let your child down. Or the promise may be the consequence of your child not doing what they are told, e.g. leaving the playpark, or not getting an ice cream. In this instance keeping your word is equally important, as they will come to learn that once your mind is made up, you will not be swayed.

At Cherry Bridge Station we believe that a safe and positive environment can greatly assist with a child’s ability to be well behaved. Our state-of-the-art centres are fitted out with the very best of equipment and resources, and our fun activity-based curriculum is geared toward releasing the amazing potential in every little learner.