Decluttering toys and why less is more!

Decluttering the home can be beneficial for the whole family. Weeding out useless odds and bobs, and giving unused items to charity can serve to minimise stress and simplify our lives. The playroom or toy cupboard is no different.

Young children learn through play, and just as a cluttered desk can hinder the studies of an older child or teenager, a play space bulging with toys can actually get in the way of play-based learning.

Below are just some of the reasons why having a big toy clear-out can benefit your little learners and the rest of the family!

Reducing Stress Levels

Clutter of any type creates general chaos and stress. When everything is in disarray finding things and tidying things away becomes daunting, especially when all the amassed items have long outgrown their storage space. This goes for toys and games too. Children benefit from being able to see and choose which toys to play with, and tidying them away is so much easier when everything has a place.

Encouraging Creativity

Young children are naturally inventive, creative and imaginative, and they always have been. Children have never needed piles of games and mountains of toys to have fun, in fact, children learn more by inventing games and making good use of the toys that they have to hand. Playing with the cardboard box instead of the toy is a fine example of this.

Promoting Independent Play

Finding exactly what they wish to play with and clearing up after themselves will seem like an impossible task for a young child when faced with a clutter of toys. Things that have been flung back into a box or cupboard, with pieces missing or broken, can put a damper on a play session. An organised play area will encourage young children to respect and tidy away their toys.

In a badly cluttered playspace, children can’t see the fun for the toys!

Learning to Share

Many social, emotional and communication-based skills are gained through learning to share. Young children who have fewer toys actually tend to share more readily. Children with many toys can actually become more territorial and possessive of them. The more material goods a child gets, the more opportunities they have to declare things as theirs and only theirs. A child that has less will also appreciate it more when others share things with them.

Teaching Responsibility

Some children have so many toys that they are easily cast aside and undervalued. Many toys are impulse purchases, and children tend to lose interest in these very quickly. By minimising purchases you can ensure that your child thinks carefully before choosing a toy, and that they value and respect that toy. When your child outgrows a toy do not simply buy more… Your child can learn the gift of giving by donating the old ones to charity first.

At Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning & Childcare we champion the benefits of creative play and activity-based learning. All of our age-appropriate learning rooms have well maintained and carefully designed play areas, where fun and learning can skip along hand in hand.