Grandparents & Caring for Young Grandchildren

As people live and stay active for longer, and more families attempt to juggle childcare with busy schedules and full-time jobs, grandparents have become a much more integral part of the modern family dynamic.

Without grandparents, and the regular care and support they provide, many parents would simply not be able to continue their careers or manage other vital family commitments.

Many grandparents cherish this role as a crucial caregiver and indispensable family member, and the bond they establish with their young grandchild in the process is part and parcel of this mutually beneficial situation.

But it goes without saying that it doesn’t work like this for all families. Every family is completely different and there is no ‘standard’ when it comes to the role of a grandparent or the expectations of their loved ones.

Some families sadly no longer have their grandparents around, while some are separated by distance or lack of transport. Some grandparents are struggling with complex health issues, caring for other family members, or have their own careers and commitments to manage. Sometimes grandparents may simply be looking forward to a much anticipated quiet retirement with more occasional valued visits.

There is no wrong or right situation, and grandparents should not feel guilty or pressured into committing to more than they can manage. When there is a new infant in the family, all those concerned with regular caregiving should feel free to discuss their involvement and what they think they can cope with in terms of offering support and childcare.

More often than not, grandparents have already filled their role as amazing parents, and any reservations they may have with committing to long-term or scheduled childcare are in not meant as a reflection of the love they feel as proud parents and grandparents.

As with so many things in life, the grandparent-grandchild relationship is at its best when it is fair and balanced, and with this in mind, it might benefit your family as a whole to consider multiple options when it comes to long-term preschool childcare.

When enrolling with a modern high-quality service, such as the Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning & Childcare centres in NSW, you will be offered practical and individualised support with your busy family schedule.

Our centres provide professional, flexible childcare and offer packages to suit various family requirements. We promote a safe and inclusive environment where young children can learn and play together with a fun activity-based curriculum.

Our fully qualified educators support parents, grandparents, and other caregivers while they strike that all-important balance between childcare needs and just having enough precious time to have fun together as a family.