SIDS and the Red Nose Safe Sleeping Program

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is one of the leading causes of death in babies aged 4 weeks to 12 months. There are many ongoing scientific studies and comprehensive research programs that work tirelessly to reduce cases of SIDS.

Fortunately, this research has provided parents and caregivers with lots of advice, including safe sleeping and wrapping techniques, particularly for infants who fall into the age group at most risk.

At Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning & Childcare, we take great responsibility for the safety of the babies and children in our care. Our strict policies and procedures follow the guidelines provided by the Red Nose (previously SIDS and Kids) Safe Sleeping program. This program is based on scientific evidence and was developed by Australian SUDI researchers, paediatricians, pathologists, and child health experts with input from overseas experts in the field.

The 80% drop in SIDS deaths and the more than 9,000 lives that have been saved is testament to the effectiveness of the Red Nose Safe Sleeping program.

Here at Cherry Bridge Station, we maintain our accreditation with the NCAC, by staying up-to-date with the very latest best practice guidelines provided by the program. These are invaluable resources for parents and caregivers.

The Safe Sleeping Guide includes 6 ways to sleep baby safely:

  • Sleep baby on their back, not their tummy or side.
  • Keep baby’s head and face uncovered or use a safe baby sleeping bag.
  • Keep baby away from tobacco smoke, before and after birth.
  • Keep the sleeping environment safe, no bulky bedding, pillows or toys.
  • Sleep baby in their own safe cot, next to parents’ bed.
  • Breastfeed if possible.

Red Nose guidelines also suggest safely wrapping your baby as a good method to help them to settle and sleep on their back. Studies have shown that many babies find this calming and beneficial to their sleep. Alternatively, you could use a safe baby sleeping bag.

See the free downloadable brochure for the official Red Nose Safe Wrapping Guide with helpful pictures and 6 easy steps to safe wrapping.

Please read the full guide to ensure that you use a wrapping style that is appropriate for your baby’s developmental stage and be aware that these safe wrapping techniques aim to prevent DDH or developmental dysplasia of the hip.

Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning & Childcare would like to give a very big thank you to Red Nose (formerly SIDS and Kids) for 40 years of saving, and helping others to save, so many precious little lives.