Useful Tips & Tricks for Parents of Preschoolers

More and more parents, caregivers and advice sites are sharing their tried and tested methods for making life that little bit easier. Parenting hacks and childcare tips are usually inexpensive yet ingenious ways of making things safe and toddler-proof, or helping us to save some time and money by using everyday things.

When caring for our intrepid little learners we can never have too many helpful, fun or nifty ideas and here are just a few of our favourites that have been doing the rounds.

Tap/Faucet Extender

This idea from BuzzFeed (number 31 on the list) works amazingly well and doesn’t cost a cent.

We find that it’s particularly useful when on holiday or staying with relatives. You can simply throw it into the recycling when you leave.

Lotion or shampoo bottles work best, but we have used water bottles successfully too. This makes encouraging hand hygiene that little bit easier and allows little ones to soap and rinse their own hands.

Pool Noodle Door Stopper

Save those little hands with this super simple idea featured on Maiko Nagao.

These pool noodles are really inexpensive and you can also use foam pipe lagging for the same purpose. They can be cut to fit on doors and cupboards and prevent them from slamming.

Add them to sharp corners and table edges too.


Door Latch Stopper

This nifty, no cost ideas is from Good Housekeeping.

Whether you are trying to come and go without waking the baby, or trying to prevent your toddler from getting locked in the bathroom, this quick and temporary solution can be really helpful.

If the band isn’t quite strong enough you can add a small piece of card behind the ‘X’ shape.

Baby Socks Saver

This idea from momhacks4everyday cleverly utilises one of these easy to come by mesh zipper bags.

Not only does the washing machine seem to live on these tiny socks, but when it finally gets ‘indigestion’ it can cost an absolute fortune in repairs.

Keep them together while saving time and money!

Basket in the Bath

This idea from Happy Home Fairy is great for many reasons.

Not only does it stop your toddler from falling or slipping while in the bath, but it also keeps their favourite bath toys all in one place. (Supervision is still vital.)


Non-slip Toddler Socks

This idea is number 23 on the Lifehack website.

Use the ‘fluffy’ fabric paints to draw dots or patterns on your lively little one’s socks. Once the product dries it will prevent slipping and sliding, especially on polished floors.


Here at Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning & Childcare, we love to try out new and innovative ideas for keeping our little learners safe, happy and entertained. If you have a tried and testing parenting tip, why not post your idea on our Cherry Bridge Station Facebook page, or send us a tweet and share the knowledge.