Choosing a childcare centre to suit your family needs

The very early years of learning and education are known to have the most impact on a child’s developing intellectual and emotional skills. At this young age, a positive and caring environment can allow a child’s cognitive and behavioural growth to flourish and the foundations for a promising future can be built. Good experiences in early childcare can literally determine your child’s developing associations with learning, authority and education, and this is why choosing the right early learning centre for you and your little one is so very important.

What should we be looking for?

Most reputable childcare centres will be more than happy to welcome you into the centre for a visit. Many host open days and some will put on a special orientation day, either way, be sure to have a good look around and ask questions before you enrol. Some parents find that jotting down some relevant things to ask, before going along, can be helpful in determining if the centre is right for your family.

Some questions to consider:

  • Do the centre operating times suit our family needs?
  • Is the centre a government approved childcare centre?
  • Is the centre premises safe and secure?
  • What are the staff to child ratios?
  • Are their programs separated into age-appropriate groups?
  • Are the staff fully trained and qualified?
  • What are the health and hygiene policies?
  • Does the centre implement the EYLF and National Quality Standards?

…The list goes on, but what is important is that you include the factors which are most important to you and your family. When visiting the centre you will also be able to look around and see if the children look happy and engaged in their activities, and you will instinctively know if you felt the welcoming support that should be expected from a friendly, professional and reputable centre.

At all of the Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning and Childcare Centres in NSW, you will find the welcoming and open staff and educators are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Our long operating hours allow the flexibility needed for busy working families and all of our centres are Child Care Subsidy approved. Centres boast pin code access security systems and CCTV for safety and peace of mind and the staff to child ratios are well beyond current regulations. Each centre separates their little learners into age-appropriate groups, where the fully qualified teaching staff develop the age-specific curriculum. We fully implement all key elements of the National Quality Standards and our health and hygiene policies, based on strict and current regulations, are second to none.


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