The importance of socialising for toddlers

Encouraging your child to socialise at a young age will lead to a whole range of advancement within other areas of their development. Most children start socialising with others of their own age when they start school, but is this really early enough?

Mixing with other youngsters will allow them to naturally build on key skills such as:

  • Respect
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Healthy competition
  • Turn-taking/sharing
  • Conversing
  • Social cues and
  • Eye contact

These things are learned in subtle ways, even by very young children who still have a limited vocabulary.

In order to learn manners, to correct misunderstandings and to gain a concept of self, children first need to interact with others. So it would seem to make much more sense for your little learner to practise these interactions BEFORE commencing school.

School readiness

Your little one can never do too much preparation in school readiness! Starting primary education will be one of the biggest milestones in their young lives. There is so much to learn and remember that it makes complete sense to get pre-prepared in any areas that you can. Take the pressure off your child by ensuring they can concentrate on all the new experiences that school brings without also having to make huge social adjustments, or feel overwhelmed by meeting new people.

Socialising your toddler, and letting them become accustomed to different people and environments at a very young age will surely help them to feel more confident when term time comes around! Invite family, friends and neighbours with young children over for playtime or tea parties. Join a group, or even better enrol your child into an early learning centre, where they will not only get a head start with social skills, but they can also learn through special pre-school activity based curriculums.

Cherry Bridge Station

Cherry Bridge Station operate state of the art early learning and childcare centres in Sydney. They cater for children aged between six weeks to five years of age and boast the very best educators and resources. Here your little learner will have great fun getting to know the other children in their ‘room’ all of which are specially developed for the age group they cater to. With centres boasting a mixture of water play features, shade sails, sandpits, in-ground trampolines and fixed climbing equipment, socialising through play should come naturally.