Is My Little Learner a Child Genius?

Let’s face it, we’re all a little biased when it comes to our own children, and we all like to think that our own little ones are unique, or especially gifted. Perhaps even a genius!

It is great that we think this of our children, after all, each and every child is special in their own ways and in the eyes of their loving parents.

Some children, however, really are unusually advanced in certain areas of their early development. So how can you tell if your young child is showing signs of this, and what can you do to nurture and support these gifts?

10 things to look out for:

  • Excellent memory, able to remember things they have been shown
  • Advanced vocabulary compared to others of the same age group
  • Acts and thinks in a mature way for their age
  • Exhibits sensitivity, compassion and empathy very early on
  • Begins problem-solving without your help
  • Seeks older playmates to interact with
  • Gets bored easily, especially of repetitive games or activities
  • Enjoys mental challenges such as puzzles and word based games
  • Sometimes known to question the authority of parents or teachers
  • Can be over-curious about things in their general surroundings

So, if your child is exhibiting more than just a few of these characteristics, it could be worth having them assessed by a development expert. And for this, there are many organisations worldwide, depending on the age of your child and your location. They will advise the best ways to educate a gifted child, while still encouraging them to participate in enjoyable activities, and socialise with children close to their own age.

If you do have a child prodigy or a proper little genius, it is important to remember – don’t just focus on the subjects at which they excel! It is wonderful for a 5-year-old to play Mozart or a 6-year-old to recite a poem in 10 languages… but as they grow older they will need all the other skills taught in learning centres and schools. They will also require all the social and emotional skills of other children their own age. Very few children, gifted or otherwise, are naturally good at everything.

Whether your child is extremely clever, exceedingly normal, or maybe in need of a bit of encouragement… it is well worth considering a pioneering activity-based early learning centre, such as the Cherry Bridge Station centres in NSW. Here, the highly qualified educators can teach your little learner a variety of skills, with age or ability appropriate educational programs.

The lesson packages are flexible and if teachers identify your youngster as gifted in certain areas, they will be able to ensure they have access to the curriculum that best suits their growing grey matter. All of this in an inclusive and progressive social setting. Perfect for any little genius!