Christmas Arts & crafts for young children

Christmas is a great excuse to get the little ones to show off their artistic side. ‘Tis the season to do themed arts and crafts and bond with your little learners. It is also a great way to give a more personal touch to the cards you send to your family and the decorations you put up around the house.

There are some really fantastic ideas out there and with a quick search online you will be able to find many tailored to your specific needs or the materials you already have at home… but here are a few of our favourites, and we think these are worth a trip to the craft shop or supermarket!

Of course, we don’t all celebrate Christmas, many of us celebrate equally fun and craft-worthy festivals from our diverse range of fascinating cultures and communities. Whether you are taking part in Christmas celebrations or not, you can take a look at our other crafty celebration ideas here!

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

These pine cone Christmas trees from Sassy Mamma are exceptionally good and seem like they are easier to make than they look! These use pinecones, paint and Play-Doh, and we love the way each one is so unique depending on the size and shape of the pinecone. You can also glue on pompoms for the baubles, or add the streamers from old spent party poppers as tinsel if you have some saved!

Paper Plate Santa and Friends

These paper plate masterpieces are from Family Ever After and again these are super easy and suitable for the tiny ones too. I absolutely love these googly eyes because they can turn the most unassuming of everyday objects into a hilarious spectacle! Also, there is a lot of cotton ball glueing with this one, to keep them amused for quite a while. Why not make Santa’s friends the elves, and the Reindeer too?

Hand and Footprint Reindeer Cards

There are those googly eyes again! This idea from Kate’s Creative Space shows us how to make an ingenious card with our little one’s foot and handprints. Obviously, every card is completely different and unique, you can just paint on the eyes and nose, or use stickers if you need a flat card to fit in an envelope. We love using gold and silver pens to add decoration and write inside the card!

Fingerprint Christmas Cards

There are so many fingerprint card designs on Crafty Morning, but this has to be one of our favourites. Whether you draw the black line for the wire first, or let your little one make the fingerprints first, and then add the line afterwards, this personalised and unique card will really impress friends and family.

Easy Christmas Wreaths

This super simple ‘Easy Christmas Wreath for Toddlers’ idea is from Kids Play Box and is ideal for creative little hands. Using just paper plates, paint and pom poms you can make these cute wreaths to hang wherever you choose. We sometimes personalise ours with bows, glitter or tinsel. You can even use them to frame a Christmas picture or photo!

Hands-on activities like these are an essential part of early childhood development. State-of-the-art childcare centres, such as the Cherry Bridge Station Centres in NSW, use arts, crafts and activity based learning as an important part of their early education curriculum and the festive season allows for plenty of inspiration. No one ever said learning needed to be boring!