How early education builds resilience

Sometimes we can worry that being a working parent, or needing our child to spend a significant amount of time in a preschool or an early learning centre may be some form of abandonment. Should we be stuck to our little ones like glue… does a good parent stay joined at the hip until their child is ready for school?

All children, and their families, are very different, but the answer is usually – no.

As long as you ensure that you find a trusted childcare centre, the massive benefits of enrolling in day-care for your child often far outweigh any negative ideas you may have about leaving your child in professional care. A good childcare centre will also have a good reputation, so check this and make sure that they follow the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and Australian government guidelines in their daily practices and curriculum.

Mixing with other children of their own age and attending a centre with trained educators and specialised resources will allow your little learner to develop skills that will prepare them for school. They will learn to socialise, to be independent, to share, and they will also build resilience, another very important preschool skill.
Early learning centres offer:

A Safe Environment

Confidence, independence and self-esteem are all nurtured through allowing children to explore the world around them, and make hands-on discoveries for themselves. Childcare centres create fool-proof environments and settings for just that. Somewhere children can feel free, while still being completely safe.

Many of the Cherry Bridge Station centres have bridges, sand pits, soft fall areas and child-friendly ‘gardens’.


Childcare centres encourage little ones to self-regulate their behaviours and to develop patience. Often in this setting, your child is not the only one being tended to, as they may be at home. This is a good thing and teaches them to wait their turn and to help others or cooperate – especially if it means they get their turn quicker.

Decision Making

When children make decisions for themselves they learn self-worth and self-trust, they also develop problem-solving skills. Childcare centres will often make sure that children have to make decisions for every activity they do, and this is an important developmental boost.

Meaningful Roles

Educators will often assign roles to children. They can be a storyteller, teacher’s helper, hand-out activities or be on tidy-up duty… whatever it is, these roles promote self-importance, positivity and pride in a job well done.

Positive Affirmation, Love and Support

It is healthy for children to receive all of these things from trusted non-family members too. Children who can establish positive attachments with their early childhood friends and teachers are more apt to be confident and have a positive self-image.

Teaching Empathy

Childcare centres and the preschool setting does help children with empathy development. Helping others allows them to feel empowered and to form positive associations with doing good deeds for others. Many centres also have brilliant resources for helping children to learn respect for nature and the environment.