The importance of immunisation for babies and young children

When it comes to infectious diseases we know that prevention is always better than cure. Although childcare centres and schools are undoubtedly a sector in which exposure has often been deemed more likely, there are now plenty of measures in place to prevent the chain of infection and the potential spread of infectious diseases.

Immunisation to prevent the transmission of a disease in the first instance is our most trusted line of defence. In fact, in many parts of the world, we have eliminated some diseases completely through the proper management of vaccinations and preventative health care.

More stringent regulations for childhood immunisation

In childcare centres in NSW, strict requirements for childhood immunisation mean that in order to be eligible for childcare benefits or family tax payments, when enrolling your child into a NSW childcare centre, your child is required to be fully vaccinated and immunised. To be exempt from this rule, parents must submit a form, co-signed by a medical practitioner or authorised nurse, stating a reasonable or medical objection. These regulations have made a positive impact on the level of immunisation in our childcare centres and preschools. More information on these requirements is available from the Australian Department of Social Services. You can also check the NSW immunisation schedule and a list of the vaccines here.

Regulations for Childcare Centre Staff

Under the new ‘no jab, no pay’ legislation there is no mandate for centre staff to be included and individual childcare services are currently permitted to make their own policies regarding staff immunisation. However, the Government does encourage all people working with children to be fully immunised.

At the Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning & Childcare Centres in NSW, you can rest assured that all of our staff are advised and supported to ensure they are up-to-date with their vaccinations and immunisations, and we also implement the very highest standards in hygiene practices to assist with the prevention of illnesses.

Our systems include preventative precautions and methods to break the chain of any infection and to reduce the spread of bacteria. We practice proper respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette, which minimises the spread of germs among young children. Thorough handwashing is also one of our top priorities and part of our healthy habits teaching and curriculum. Centre cleaning is also vital and each area has specific cleaning procedures for our staff to follow. All our toys and games are washed on a regular basis too, to remove any trace of bacteria.

So, enrol your child now in a healthy and nurturing environment in which children can be free of illness and free to learn and grow.