The Importance of Toilet Training in Childcare Centres

Learning all about the importance of clean and healthy toileting habits is a significant step in a child’s life. Some children pick up potty skills quickly, while others need parental support and plenty of patience.
The term ‘toilet training’ basically refers to teaching young children to use the potty or toilet for urination and defecation, or wee wees and poo poos if we are being scientific!

Many parents are unsure about the best age to start toilet training. Not all children develop at the same rate, or will be prepared for toilet training at the same age, so it’s essential to observe your child for physical cues. Looking for these signs will help you to know when your little one is getting ready to go.

These signs range from facial expressions to farts and fidgets. As long as you get to know the signs and cues your little one makes, you can often be prepared!

A child must be mentally and emotionally ready for toilet training. Instead of using age as an indicator, look for signals that they have reached certain developmental milestones. See our Potty Practice to Toilet Training guide here.

Early learning centres also play an important role in the toilet training process as, alongside parents, they are among the first caregivers to identify when a child is physically and emotionally ready for toilet training.

Childcare centres must promote a fun, positive and relaxed attitude to toilet training while maintaining and managing the progress of each child in their care. A calm, relaxed environment allows children to feel secure and confident about using the toilet or potty away from home. Many preschools and early learning centres also encourage books, games and animations that support the toilet training process.

At the Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning & Childcare centres in NSW, our carefully designed programs include toilet training cues. The children learn some words associated with going to the toilet and our trained educators learn to identify individual behaviours and expressions. Our early learning centres ensure that toilet learning, as with any other learning, is positive and fun. Children learn better and develop skills faster when they feel safe, secure and protected in each and every way. Our toilet training strategies are built to assist with each child’s developing self-esteem and independence.

All of the meals we provide to the children during the various mealtimes throughout the day are made from fresh ingredients, and the meals are created onsite daily in our centres’ fully equipped kitchens. Promoting a balanced diet helps children to maintain regular bowel movements and so assists with toileting and training. Regular nappy changes are a major part of our daily routines and our staff members advise parents on their child’s progress, with tips and tricks to keep achieving great results. Many bridges can be crossed with good cooperation between a professional childcare centre and loving parents, all with shared goals.