Nutrition and healthy eating habits

Our children can learn an awful lot during mealtimes. They are developing many new skills including learning to feed themselves and use utensils, good table manners, and most importantly of all their tastes and preferences, likes and dislikes! Children will look to their nearest and dearest whenever they are trying something new, they are judging your reactions and looking for your approval that certain foods are tasty and safe to eat. At these times we must lead by example because when children adopt healthy eating habits at a young age, these can lead to a healthy attitude towards food and nutrition for the rest of their life.

We all want to ensure that our children flourish in every way, and a great diet is a sure-fire plan for making sure that they do. Try to serve as much fresh and unprocessed foods as you can, food doesn’t need to be boring and when children are presented with a good selection of colours, textures, flavours and temperatures, they are more tempted to try different things, especially when there is a good mealtime atmosphere and the rest of the family are tucking-in too.

At Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning & Childcare we believe that good eating habits are an essential part of our educational programs. The planning, preparation and serving of meals at Cherry Bridge Station is a vital part of our quality of care and all our meals are prepared on the premises in our own fully equipped kitchen. We use only quality ingredients; lean meats and chicken, fresh vegetables and fruits with a minimal amount of processed or frozen foods. We do not use frozen packaged meals that are re-heated.

Our experienced cooks hold qualifications in Nutrition and Menu Planning, and Safe Food Handling. All allergies are regarded as a top priority and every member of staff is trained in anaphylaxis. Special needs and dietary requirements are also carefully recorded and managed appropriately.

Our early learning centres only offer meals and snacks that meet the Australian dietary guidelines and include a variety of food groups rich in carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fat ratios to provide children with all the energy they need for their specific age group. Our staff and educators also plan cooking experiences to teach children about healthy eating by allowing them to be involved in fun hands-on nutritional activities.

Our menus are created in consultation with experts in nutrition, and are designed to meet 70% of a child’s total daily dietary and nutritional requirements. Water is provided to the children throughout the day and is made available for children to access at any time; milk is also served at meal times, but artificially sweetened drinks are never served.

Remember, it’s never too late to start introducing healthy habits into your family routine, and in this modern online world, getting up to speed on what’s healthy and what’s not, couldn’t be easier!