Our Top 5 Arts & Crafts for Mother’s Day

The busy little learners at our Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning & Childcare centres love expressing themselves through arts and crafts. This week, many of the children have been making special gifts for Mother’s Day. Some decorated their own teapots, using glitter glue and their mother’s favourite colours, while others crafted personalized cards and pictures.

We will be having Mother’s Day tea parties and all our lovely little learners will be spending some quality time with their mothers… and some with other family members or caregivers too, of course.

With all of that in mind here are just a few of our favourite Mother’s Day and ‘love’ themed arty-crafty ideas for you to try with your little learners.

Mother’s Day Plants

This pot plant idea from Toddlers Attention is so simple and effective – and best of all they don’t need watering!

By using their own handprints each child’s plant is unique and children can choose any colours they like for the flowers. We’ve even seen some great cacti plants made with little feet.

The poem can be pre-printed onto the orange pots or written with the help of an adult. Even better, make a personalised rhyme or message.

Footprint Gift Cards

This idea from Nifty Mom is great for one child, but can also be a joint effort with siblings, as you see here.

Let each child choose their favourite colour and they can add their own wing decoration with fingerprints, stickers or glitter glue, too.

I Love You – This Much – Card

See instructions on Snap. Craft. Chomp. For this ingenious personalised card.

Younger children might need a bit of help with cutting out handprints and folding the concertina section.

I Love You Because…

These craft flowers from Busy Creating Memories are a super simple and very sweet idea.

You can cut out petals and circles in advance and then let children think of their own “I love you because…” ideas.

Full instructions are in the link, but craft straws and card are just as effective.

Love You to… Pieces

This clever collage idea is from Arts & Crafts, Holidays by Ms Zuluaga.

The message inside says “Pieces!” with a few more of the collage tiles next to the child’s name. A super simple, but beautiful idea to try when making your cards.

So, let’s get crafty… and remember you can often easily adapt all of these ideas to suit other celebrations or to use your recycled materials. Children learn most when they are having fun and our activity-based curriculum encourages children to be creative and imaginative.