Songs and Rhymes to Make Learning Fun

Singing catchy tunes and rhymes can turn learning and practising everyday tasks into a super fun activity. Learning something with the use of rhythm and rhyme not only helps young children to remember the educational concepts they are singing about, but also gets them dancing and moving around. There are many classic educational songs you can play for free on the internet, where you will get some inspiration for your sing-songs if needed, or you can make things up as you go!

Keep your little one interested and motivated by singing along while doing the chores or getting ready to go out, or just get the family together to sing their favourites. Either way your child will be learning about the subjects in your songs, while also developing a whole host of other great skills in the process. These include:

  • Learning through the lyrics and their associated actions.
  • Learning melodies, pitch and tone.
  • Discovering the concept of rhyming words.
  • Motor skills and rhythm, moving in time with the music.
  • Physical fitness, skipping and dancing to tunes.
  • Speech and language development and vocabulary.
  • Creativity, imagination and roleplay.
  • Developing an interest in music and how different sounds are made.
  • Social skills when singing with friends or family.
  • Improving cognitive skills and memory.

So with all these benefits, there’s never been a better excuse to have a proper silly sing-song. And remember, your lovely little learner doesn’t care if you have a singing voice like an angel or an elephant… Let’s just have some fun!
Here are some of our favourite old songs with catchy tunes, and the best thing about them is that you can pretty much adapt them to suit any activity you like.

  • Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes: Use any combination of body parts or clothes you are wearing. This one is great for some exercise too.
  • This Is the Way We: Wash our face, brush our teeth, button our shirt, tell the time, tie our shoes… the list is literally endless.
  • The Wheels on the Bus: Yet again, you don’t have to stick to busses, use your imagination. The dog in the park goes, “Woof, woof, woof!”
  • Old MacDonald: Of course it doesn’t have to be a farm, it could be a zoo, or a rescue centre, or a pond. You can choose the animals for the place.
  • Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush: Or the garden bench, or the apple tree, or whatever you like really. Get outdoors and dancing around things.
  • 10 Green Bottles: In actual fact, any of the counting songs can be modified easily to include everyday toys or things you can knock down as you count.

Nobody says you need to stay with the old classics, why not have some fun making tunes of your own?

At our Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning & Childcare Centres in NSW, we love to incorporate music and educational songs into our fun activity-based curriculum. In our innovative centres the children can practice clapping, singing, dancing (or bopping and bouncing for the tiny ones) and making sounds with the all the great age-appropriate musical instruments provided.