Autumn Themed Arts & Crafts for Young Kids

With glorious warm colours and leaves of all shapes and sizes collecting on the ground, autumn is an inspirational season for arts and crafts. Making your fun creations together can be a great chance to bond with your little learner, and your crafts can be displayed as keepsakes or gifted to friends and family.

The internet features a whole host of autumn themed arts & crafts, with some super simple and very thrifty ideas for you to try. Below are just a small selection of our tried and tested favourites:

Best Autumn Hairstyles

This simple and effective autumn craft comes from Krokotak.

The website provides a free printable template for the face shape, or if you’re feeling super crafty you can draw your own.

The variation you can get with different types of leaves means each one is unique and you can even use things like twigs, pinecones and flowers to add accessories to your hairstyles.

Autumn Sensory Jars

Courtesy of Fun Littles these jars are not only beautiful to look at and study, but the whole process of making them is a fun, sensory experience for your little learner.

First enjoy collecting your seasonal materials, then create various effects as suggested in the instructions.

Leaf Painting

This idea is from Minne Mama and is so simple for young children to do while producing some really artistic results.

You can use a mixture of colours and types and sizes of leaves, and when the painting is done you can peel away the leaves and, if you’re feeling really crafty, use them to make a frame.

Autumn Leaf Suncatchers

This pretty display craft is from Claire’s Little Tots.

This craft is great because once you have cut the circle out of the paper plate your little one can do the rest.

Collect your autumn display pieces when out for a walk in the garden or at the park, and press them onto the sticky-back plastic. Don’t feel that you have to stick to leaves; petals, grasses and moss can all add to the colour and variety of your child’s window display.

Leaf Critters

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective, like this super craft idea from Tinker Lab.

Putting eyes and eyebrows/lashes on any leaf can make for some very cute and amusing results. Use paints, pens, or stick-on googly eyes, which we love for all of our crafty critters.

Leaf Butterfly

This butterfly idea is from Jumble Tree crafts for kids.

This is incredibly versatile and your child’s choice of leaves will make a unique butterfly every time.

Don’t forget to collect two of each in similar sizes, so you can make the wings symmetrical, otherwise make up another type of leafy insect or animal.

Here at Cherry Bridge Station, we love to get crafty, especially with natural or recycled materials. Children learn most when they are having fun and our activity-based curriculum encourages children to be creative and imaginative.

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