Easter Themed Arts & Crafts for Children

The Easter break is a great time to get creative with our little learners and there is certainly no shortage of Easter-themed arts and crafts on the internet. Activity-based play fosters a child’s cognitive development and improves fine motor skills while being fun and educational.

Making things together is an inexpensive way to spend some quality time with your little ones and you can keep your creations as mementoes or gifts for family and friends.

Of course, not everyone observes the Easter festival and may prefer to try our autumn themed arts & crafts, or some of our other tried and tested creative ideas.

Below are just a small selection of our favourite Easter craft ideas from the internet:

Bunny Rabbit Mask

This super fun idea is from Little Hearts, Big Love and can easily be adapted to make a little lamb mask or a daffodil version. You can also choose to cut a large round hole, or just two eye holes and once you’ve done the cutting your little one can safely do the rest!

We save all our lolly sticks and drinks straws (which we used here instead of pipe cleaners) and we used crayons to colour the pink on the ears.

Easter Bunny Toilet Roll Prints

We love environmentally friendly, thrifty crafts like this super simple idea from New Young Mum.

All you need is some glue or tape, child-friendly paints and some sheets of paper. We actually made ours into some cute Easter cards for relatives.

Potato Masher Easter Eggs

This idea from De Tout Et De Rien is super simple while producing very effective results.

We used a plastic masher and printed in various different colours. We drew our grass on and even made one of our eggs ‘hatch’ by only dipping it into the paint on one half of the masher.

Easter Chick Handprint Card

We love this card idea from The Keeper of the Cheerios.

Each card is unique to your child’s handprint and it uses those googly eyes that we absolutely love for all of our arts & crafts characters. Of course, your little learner will need your help or supervision with the cutting, but making crafts together is great for bonding and learning all about teamwork.

Thumbprint Easter Chicks

This cute idea is from Made with Love by You and makes a great keepsake or family gift.

Every card is unique to your child’s thumbprints, and its great fun drawing on the beaks, eyes and legs!

We got some hilarious results with ours and even the very young ones can join in.

Paper Plate Bunny Ears

We love this idea from Netmums.

All you need is a standard paper plate and some felt pens. You can do the cutting out stage for younger kids, but they can colour-in the bunny ears and best of all, they can wear them!

Here at Cherry Bridge Station, we love to get crafty, especially with recycled materials. Children learn most when they are having fun and our activity-based curriculum encourages children to be creative and imaginative.