Festive Greeting Card Crafts for Preschoolers

Let’s face it we really don’t need an excuse to get artistic with our little learners, but this time of year certainly gives us plenty of festive subject matter!

‘Tis the season to make festive cards and bond with your little artists. It’s also a brilliant way to give personal and totally unique cards to your family and friends.

Of course, we don’t all celebrate Christmas, many of us celebrate equally fun and craft-worthy festivals from our diverse range of cultures and communities. For some other fun ideas see our Celebrations and holiday-themed arts & crafts’.

There are some great ideas out there and with a quick online search, you will be able to find greeting card crafts to suit your specific needs, or to use materials you already have at home. Here are just a few of our favourites…

Bubble-wrap Printed Christmas Tree Cards

This lovely simple idea comes courtesy of learnwithplayathome.com. Using just paint, a kitchen sponge, card and bubble-wrap, your little artist can create a simple print that can be used on multiple cards, and will even look a little bit different every time! Stickers on the top as stars, or glitter to give it some twinkle are optional extras.

Click on the title for the full instructions from Learn with Play at Home.

Fingerprint Snowman Cards

This idea and many other fabulous fingerprint creations can be found on craftymorning.com. Using just several colours of paint, or just white paint and felt pens, your little ones can create characters all of their own making. You can name the characters after each member of the family, or just have fun with making some prints with unique personalities.

Click on the title for the full instructions from Crafty Morning.

Thumbprint Robin Redbreast Cards

This idea is featured on a craft page by Ryland Peters & Small, from a book called A year in Crafts. It’s beautifully simple, which is especially helpful if you have lots of cards to make. You can get the whole family involved and draw your own bird shapes, or copy them onto card using your printer for extra speed. Each different thumbprint will make a unique robin redbreast.

Click on the title for the full instructions from Ryland Peters & Small.

Potato Stamp Baubles

Another great greetings card craft from Crafty Morning. Potato stamps may be rather old hat, but they do just as good a printing job as they always did when we were kids. Sometimes the tried and tested methods work the best. We do have the luxury of sparkly pipe cleaners now, or you can use string or ribbon.

Click on the title for the full instructions from Crafty Morning.

Hands-on activities are an essential part of early childhood development and our Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning & Childcare centres in NSW use arts, crafts and activity-based learning as an important part of the early education curriculum. No one ever said learning needed to be boring!