Free Party Games for Preschoolers

Here at Cherry Bridge Station we absolutely love a good party and we never miss the chance for fun get-togethers in our centres. The children enjoy celebrating birthdays, family days, holidays and festivals from all different countries and cultures. The toddlers and pre-schoolers love to boogie, sing songs and play party games and for them, every day is party day!

So, it goes without saying, we know a thing or two about low-cost, high-entertainment games that the kids will love to try out at home too.

Here are just a few of our favourite party games for preschoolers…

  • Pass the Parcel

Remember it’s all about receiving the gifts, not how much they cost. We recycle old wrapping paper, posters and newspaper for the wrapping. We either play until everyone has a gift, or slide a little something into each ‘wrap’ so no one is disappointed at the end of play. The gifts can be as simple as a crayon, a paper flower or a sticker… you can save all the little toys from Christmas crackers, making sure they are age-appropriate with regards to small parts etc. Either play to music or just take turns ripping off the wrapper.

  • Dirty Duck Dip

This is a great outdoor game and can be played as a group or just as you and your little one. All you need is a few rubber ducks, some messy food items and a few buckets of water/paddling pool. The challenge is to see who can get their duck the ‘dirtiest’ and then the cleanest in the least time. Use some flour, chocolate powder, squirty cream and sprinkles (or whatever you like but food items are safest for very little ones). Next, dip your ducks and get them clean and shiny again! The first/cleanest duck floating in the water at the end is the winner.

  • Shark!

All you need for this game is a blanket or some play mats as a ‘raft’ and a group of excitable children. An adult can be the ‘shark’ to begin with (remember to make plenty of gnashing noises, hold a hand above your head as a fin and loudly hum the theme tune from Jaws). Have all the little ones ‘swim’ around the mats until the ‘shark’ comes along. Whoever spots the predator first must shout “Shark!”. Now all the children must get to the raft and tuck in their legs and arms while the shark goes around nibbling (tickling) any little feet, hands or toes that are hanging over the edge. Those left on the mat at the end have survived the shark – until next time!

  • Treasure Hunt Colours

A simple twist on a traditional game, this version rules out the likelihood of some children getting all the treasure and some getting none. Each child has their very own colour and they must search for hidden items in their colour. We have even noticed that some children like to cooperate with one another by swapping or leading each other to items they have found in the other child’s colour. Treasures can be coloured balloons, balls, crayons, toys, messages on coloured paper, painted items, anything you like really.

This really is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the stack of free or low-cost kids’ party games you can find online. We certainly have lots of favourites in our centres and lots of activity-based play and sensory games for the younger ones too. If you are interested in enrolling your little learner with Cherry Bridge Station you can find your nearest centre here.

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