Fun Australia Day Activities for Preschoolers

With 26 January fast approaching, school children across the nation are learning all about the significance of our official national day and how it has evolved over time to celebrate Australia, and all of its people.

Younger children may not fully understand the concepts or history behind all the celebrations, but there are still plenty of fun activities they can do to join in. In fact, Australia Day arts and crafts can be really great for teaching young children about our wonderfully diverse society, amazing landscapes, and how our families and communities have come together.

With this in mind, the children at our Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning & Childcare centres in NSW have been learning all about our native animals, plants and cultures. They have been engaging in lots of projects including making their own wattle trees using card, glue, sticks and coloured tissue paper.

See some of our favourite Australia Day arts and crafts you and your little learner can try at home:

Sydney Opera House

This simple yet ingenious paper plate craft idea is from Free Kids Crafts.

Why not save some paper plates from the daytime celebrations to make this lovely night time scene. Make sure little ones have help with cutting the paper plates… You can even add stars or glitter for some sparkly fireworks.

Newspaper Koala

This cute koala craft idea comes from Heart Crafty Things.

You can cut the circles first by drawing around coasters, cups or plates, then your little crafter can get busy with the glue. Fold a large piece of card in half and these can be used as greetings cards too. Googly eyes add extra hilarity to all your crafty projects.


Aboriginal Boomerang Craft

This simple boomerang craft comes courtesy of Kidz Activities.

On the site, you will find a free printable for the boomerang shape and instructions for the colourful traditional style decoration. You can even write nice messages on the back.


Australian Wattle Craft

This nature-based national flower activity comes from Danya Banya.

This one uses grass, glue, marker pens and yellow tissue paper. Show your little one a real wattle, or a picture. There is no right or wrong shape so just let them get creative.


Whatever you do for this year’s Australia Day, we here at Cherry Bridge Station wish you a fun and family filled celebration. We are blessed to be part of this caring nation. And we are honoured to support our future generations.