Teaching Road Safety to Young Children

At Cherry Bridge Station we are very well aware of each little learner’s curiosity and desire to explore, we also know how super-fast and stealthy they can be when they spot something of interest.

We know how carefully parents and caregivers need to watch and supervise young children, and with this in mind, we regularly host specialised safety events. We have visits from local police and fire departments, centre evacuation drills, and lots of road safety days.

As detailed by Kids and Traffic, the NSW Early Childhood Road Safety Education Program, there are many things to consider when thinking about road safety for young children.

Safe Travel

Whether you are going on foot, or by car, bus, train, boat, bicycle skateboard or scooter… always keep young children by your side. Hold hands when walking and getting in and out of cars, always use the appropriate car seats and restraints, pushchair harnesses and safety gear/helmets for (always supervised) little ones on bikes or scooters.

Passenger Safety

It is a sad fact that many children every year are seriously injured or killed as a result of being passengers in cars involved in road traffic accidents. Always choose approved car seats for your child, which should be perfect for their age and size.

Pedestrian Safety

As pedestrian parents and guardians, it is important to talk to our children about the rules of the road while we walk along, safely holding hands. Talk about crossing the road and using road signs and lights to keep you safe, and share the information provided through the Hold My Hand campaign.

Safe Play& Driveway Safety

Outdoor play is hugely beneficial to children and should always be encouraged, but suitable supervision is essential. Many accidents occur close to home, on driveways or side streets and concealed entrances. Set some strong family rules about safe play outside and even in the garden, wheeled toys should always be used with the appropriate safety helmets.

At Cherry Bridge Station our top priority is the safety, happiness and wellbeing of the children within our care and our centres all work closely with the NQS by regularly including road safety teaching and learning experiences for children.

By teaching safety through fun play-based learning, in a secure and inclusive environment, our little learners can gain a better understanding of how to stay safe on our increasingly busy roads and in less obvious places like car parks, crossings and driveways.

See this helpful NSW Government page for some super-fun songs and rhymes to sing with your little learner.