Should Young Children Learn Other Languages?

Scientific studies prove that encouraging your child to learn other language scan benefit them in many ways. Becoming fluent in another language will create future avenues and opportunities that could otherwise be missed, and the cognitive development skills gained when learning a language have also been proved to increase academic results and overall intellect.

Intellectual Super Powers

Not so very long ago, experts were more of the opinion that learning additional languages at a very young age would cause some sort of cognitive ‘interference’, cluttering the brain and challenging it to such an extent that it might hinder basic learning. This view is now very outdated and science has found evidence to the contrary.

The fluent bilingual brain does indeed face huge challenges – both language systems will be in use simultaneously, even when the speaker is only using one – but this is in fact, a very good thing! The internal conflict caused gives the brain a workout that improves many key-skills including planning, problem-solving and focus.

Teaching languages to young children

Language teaching has evolved enormously since the days of repetitive spelling lists and dull vocabulary tasks. Once upon a time, teachers would laboriously warble foreign grammar rules and droll formal phrases. They would often struggle to hold the attention of a class full of disinterested school-age children, let alone spark the interest of a group of excitable preschoolers.

Luckily for the children of today, there is an ongoing global revolution in the way language teaching is perceived and practised. Activity-based approaches are now widespread, especially in state-of-the-art preschools and childcare centres, where even very young children can have fun while they learn through play and hands-on tasks.

The little learners in our Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning & Childcare centres in NSW have been having great fun learning simple phrases, greetings and songs in other languages.

Some of our centres have already begun the ELLA program. ELLA (Early Learning Languages Australia) is an Australian Government initiative aimed at encouraging more children to learn and study a language. Ella is a fun and easy digital language program for preschool children and it has certainly been a big hit in our centres so far, as you will see here!

Other centres are also celebrating languages and diversity by singing the ‘Good Morning Song’ which says good morning in different languages at the start of every day.