Healthy Party Food the Kids Will Love

Whether the holiday season is just around the corner, or you have a calendar full of family get-togethers or birthday parties, it can sometimes seem like there is always something to look forward to.

These events quite rightfully tend to be accompanied by lots of snacks and yummy treats for the children, but with so much to celebrate too many sugary foods and drinks can be a worry.

Fear not, because fun and attractive food doesn’t need to be processed, calorific, or full of nasty additives. Young children are highly motivated by colours, shapes and textures, and some of the healthiest foods are rich in these properties. So next time you are hosting the party, or bringing your own snacks to the table, why not try some of these super-healthy party snack ideas:

Homemade Ice Lollies

This idea comes from and can be adapted to use your child’s favourite fruits, juices and yoghurt.

We use old yoghurt pots as moulds and save our lolly sticks, which can be washed and reused.

Raspberry and banana are a real winner!

Mini Muffin Chicken Pies

This idea from is great for using up any colourful vegetables and they can be easily frozen too.
We made beef and vegetarian versions as they were so easy and delicious. Muffins can be cooked and eaten hot or cold.

Little Sandwich Sailing Ships

This idea comes courtesy of and is so simple it’s a game changer when you have a big spread to make.
Choose healthy fillings like cream cheese, cucumber or tuna. We used cherry tomatoes and little gem lettuce leaves for the sails.
(Keep an eye on the younger children with toothpicks)

Healthy Chocolate Crackles

From this delicious recipe uses honey, puffed kamut, desiccated coconut and honey.

The recipe gives a couple of simple variations and requires absolutely no cooking, which is a winner for busy kitchens!

For more healthy party snacks and nutritional advice, check out the useful websites linked above and our own articles, Get Creative with Healthy Snacks for Kids, Tips & Tricks for Healthy Eating Choices, and Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits.

At Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning & Childcare we believe that good eating habits are an essential part of our educational programs. The planning, preparation and serving of meals at all of our Cherry Bridge Station centres is a vital part of our quality of care and all our meals are prepared on the premises in our own fully equipped kitchen.