Enjoy wonder-filled little moments every day

At Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning & Childcare our mandate “Where wonderful journeys are wonder-filled” is entwined in everything we do. As Australia’s number one childcare provider, we are constantly inspired by the sense of awe and imagination with which our little learners view the world around them.

We want to cherish this childhood wonderment, to foster creative imaginations, and to maintain that joyful innocence for a long as possible!

We know that all loving parents feel the same way, but in this result rushed and productivity pushed society, how can we find time to do this?

Tips & Tricks for Snatching Precious Moments

Silly time is downtime

Play, fun and silliness is extremely underrated, and not just for children! Relaxing and downtime does not necessarily mean crashed out in front of a screen, or quietly reading a book… Play and laughter is a huge stress reliever for any age. Whether it’s making silly faces, telling terrible jokes or just letting your child lead the activities for a few minutes, you can enjoy letting go of your mundane worries for a while.

Quality reading time

Storytime allows children to explore the realms of fiction adventure, identify with characters and storylines, and also to learn about educational and age relevant non-fiction subjects. Spend some quality time together reading aloud and studying the illustrations. Even if your child is still very young, it’s never too early to enjoy a book.

Less screen time

Children can learn an awful lot through the ever-growing selection of educational programs, apps and games on offer, but for younger ones especially, too much tech can hinder their natural creativity and make their imaginations lazy. There is also a lot of irrelevant information routinely interrupting age-appropriate programs and games, such as adverts. Seize the moment and interact with one another instead.

Appreciate nature

The undeniable beauty in nature is one of the few things that still manages to leave busy adults in a state of awe and wonder! It’s no surprise then that young children find nature and wildlife totally fascinating. From identifying insects and birds, to simply feeling the grass between their toes, children love to learn about the world around them and how to nurture their environment too.

Happy children experience joy and wonder in whatever they do. However, any spare moments that you can use to demonstrate your own joy will allow your child to see that adulthood, and parenthood, can be wondrous too.

May your wonderful journeys be wonder-filled