Returning to Work after Having a Baby

Having a baby is a life-altering and sometimes overwhelming experience. The emotions you will go through and the demands of a new-born baby will almost certainly mean that your maternity leave goes by in the blink of an eye! At this time it’s perfectly natural to feel torn between family time with your new baby and the commitments associated with returning to work. It is therefore reassuring to know that there are government schemes and various options available when you come to choose a childcare centre for your little one.

Obviously, your transition back into work will greatly depend on your sector and the arrangements you made with your employer at the commencement of your maternity leave. If it is at all possible many new mothers find it beneficial to start back part-time at first, while the newest family member adjusts to time in an early learning centre. To assist with childcare costs you may well be eligible for support from the Australian Government. Note: If you are reading from elsewhere in the world, please check with your local government for their comparable schemes.

Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning Centres are child benefit approved and they run a flexible care plan, some running 12-hour operating times to allow for the many varied roles and shift patterns that new parents may be challenged with. Cherry Bridge Station caters for babies as young as 6 weeks until they reach school readiness, and they offer age-appropriate care to give you peace of mind while you deal with the challenges of adapting to your new work-life balance.

Remember that these first steps might feel unnatural at first and your childcare centre, family, friends and co-workers should be supportive and understanding at this time. Take advantage of the services available and rely on the knowledge and expertise of the staff and educators in such centres.

The Cherry Bridge Station centres have dedicated playrooms for babies! Known as the Snuggly Steamers, the babies in these rooms are aged from 6 weeks to 24 months. There are lots of individual routines for feeding, sleeping and playing. And the centre encourages parents to write their own routines in the daily book provided. This helps many parents to feel more at ease, knowing that the routine they have worked so hard to establish will be observed by the childcare centre.

At the end of the day, they can read about their baby’s eating, sleeping and playing for the day. In fact, Cherry Bridge Station makes sure to alleviate that feeling of missing out, in every way they possibly can.