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Why Cherry
Bridge Station?

Convenient location with onsite parking and easy access to our main entrance.

State-of-the-art childcare centre, purpose-built for the wellbeing, safety and security of the children in our care.

Age-appropriate educational programs, with specialised education rooms for all ages from young babies to school ready pre-schoolers.

Stimulating outdoor play areas with undercover area, specialised apparatus and shade sails, all tailored to different age groups and interests.

Fresh, healthy and nutritious meals cooked onsite daily in our fully equipped kitchen. No sweetened drinks or reheated frozen food.

Qualified, dedicated and passionate educators with a genuine dedication to our policies and the children within their care.

Open Door Policy, allowing parents free access to our service to witness the continuity of care for themselves.

Cherry Bridge Station Warriewood is Child Care Subsidy Approved (CCS).


Cherry Bridge Station Warriewood is quietly nestled among the Meriton Housing Development on Macpherson Street, backing onto the Warriewood wetlands. We have our very own secure carpark with level access for prams and pushchairs.

We have the perfect location for commuters given we are only a few minutes away from both Mona Vale Road and Pittwater Road.  You can quickly drop your child off from 7:00 am, and then get back on the road and on the way to work in no time. We are also only 3 minutes drive from the Warriewood ‘Park and Ride’ if you plan on catching the ‘B-Line’, or 15 minutes walk if you want to stretch your legs in the morning. 
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2. Purpose-Built

This Cherry Bridge Station centre was built to the highest standards and is designed to inspire a sense of curiosity and discovery in every child. Each and every inch of the centre was designed to facilitate different types of play, support educational milestones, achieve curriculum objectives and provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment to play and learn in. The centre features keypad security access, shaded outdoor play areas and safety gates.

3. Specialised Educational Programs

The Snuggly Steamers

6 weeks to 12 months

A Snuggly Steamer requires lots of nurturing and interaction. Our nursery provides a safe homelike environment perfect for the needs of your little one, with separate cot rooms providing a cosy, relaxing and comfortable sleep area for babies.

Babies have individual routines for feeding, sleeping and playing, and Cherry Bridge Station knows this. Upon enrolment, families are asked to complete a Daily Routine Sheet in which provides our educators with insight into your child’s home routine. Educators will ensure this routine is followed to promote consistency between the home and centre environments.

The Little Steamers

12 months to 24 months

A Little Steamer still needs nurturing and a focus on interaction, however, they can now have plenty of group routines introduced, usually having their meals, snacks and sleeps at about the same time. Educators continually support and encourage the Little Steamers, assisting in their growth and development.

The Barrelling Boilers

2 to 3 years

Barrelling boilers are full of energy and always busy. Cherry Bridge Station educators are very engaged with the children and are always talking . . . lots and lots of talking. Your child’s language development will be skyrocketing right now and is a primary focus for our educators, along with play activities involving mathematics, self-help skills, challenges and making choices.Steamers, assisting in their growth and development. With the Cherry Bridge Station app, you will get real-time notifications with pictures of these group activities and advantageous social interactions.

The children will be encouraged to go to the bathroom independently with the assistance and guidance of educators, eat lunch in small groups and will assist educators with daily chores, encouraging independence and helping with activities at home.

The Doting Drivers

3 to 4 years

Doting drivers enjoy socialising and learning to interact with friends. Educators focus on encouraging the children to co-operate with others, to enhance prosocial skills, to take care of friends and to make and follow simple rules. The children will also undertake structured and more complex play activities promoting skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, independence, confidence, social skills and interests that help our doting drivers to discover their own identities.

The Clever Conductors

4 to 5 years

The Clever Conductors are engaged in the preschool program and Cherry Bridge Station’s School Readiness Program. The children are preparing for kindergarten by learning the skills that will help them feel more confident and settled for their first day at primary school and becoming more and more used to a structured learning environment. Children engage in activities such as small and large group story sharing, drawing and writing, learning about colours, shapes and numbers, developing responsibilities and caring for their own belongings, problem-solving, self-help skills and social interactions with their peers.


Cherry Bridge Station Warriewood has two state-of-the-art outdoor play areas. One is specially designed for babies and children aged 02 years, while the other caters for children aged 25 years. These generous play spaces incorporate water features, fixed climbing equipment, veggie garden, play shelters and sandpits. Carefully placed shade sails and undercover areas allow the play areas to be used in any kind of weather, so children can enjoy the importance of playtime daily. These purpose-built play areas are designed not only to help children burn off excess energy but also to provide play and learning opportunities while building childhood friendship skills.

5. Nutrition & Healthy Eating

Good eating habits are an essential part of our educational programs. The planning, preparation and serving of meals at Cherry Bridge Station is a vital part of our quality of care. Whilst some childcare facilities use outside catering, Cherry Bridge Station prepares all meals on the premises in our own fully equipped kitchen. We use only quality ingredients; lean meats and chicken, fresh vegetables and fruits with a minimal amount of processed or frozen foods (we do not use reheated frozen meals).

Fresh drinking water is always available and milk is served at various times throughout the day. Our experienced cooks hold qualifications in ‘Nutrition and Menu Planning’ and ‘Safe Food Handling’. All allergies are regarded as a top priority and educators are trained in anaphylaxis.

Special needs and dietary requirements are also carefully recorded and managed appropriately, with each child being catered for according to their individual needs. The entire Cherry Bridge Station centre is a nut-free zone. Cherry Bridge Station serves breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late afternoon snack, and together these have been designed to meet 70% of each child’s total daily nutritional needs.

6. Educatiors

Childcare is an extension of the family. The early years of a young child’s development will shape their future and influence the people they become. The Cherry Bridge Station team are committed to encouraging and supporting the growth of each and every child in our care. Early Childhood Educators isn’t a job, it’s a responsibility and a privilege.

Our Nominated Supervisor:


My name is Bronwyn (but everyone calls me ‘Bronnie’) and I’m the Nominated Supervisor (NS) for Cherry Bridge Station Warriewood. I have been sharing my passion for Early Childhood education for over 15 years. I began by completing my Diploma in Children’s Services and working in a service as room leader. From here I completed a Bachelor of Teaching and moved into a Nominated Supervisors role for many years. I believe strongly in providing children with a safe and secure environment, where children can explore their world through interest and play-based learning. Having also spent many years teaching in a pre-school room, I believe a strong school readiness program is the key for children to have a smooth transition into school, and therefore ensure a meaningful school readiness program is delivered at all times. Building relationships and partnerships with families and children is also very important to me, so please feel free to stop and have a chat at any time. Childcare is not just a job, it’s a responsibility and privilege, and we take this responsibility very seriously, however, if you do drop by, you will find that we always have a smile on our faces!

7. Quality
of Care Guarantee

To ensure high quality of care, Cherry Bridge Station implements an Open Door Policy where parents are welcome in the centre at any time, and parent involvement and feedback is always appreciated. Cherry Bridge Station is proud of the care and education we provide and by allowing parents to enter the service at any time, they are able to see Cherry Bridge Station’s continuity of care first-hand.


Cherry Bridge Station Warriewood has been approved for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS). Families complete the online CCS assessment via the myGov website prior to starting at Cherry Bridge Station and if eligible, the CCS will be paid directly to Cherry Bridge Station on your behalf.